Referencing in Essay Writer 1: Physical Sources

Welcome to the our series on Referencing in Essay Writer! We will learn how to: reference physical and digital sources, quote, import from databases, then choose and customize your reference style. Later on, we’ll go into more detail about how to find and decide which sources to use. What to Reference. Let’s begin with a physical book.

With the text cursor where the reference should be, press the ‘Add Ref’ button A ‘Reference Selection’ dialog box will appear. Take a moment to review the tabs, from ‘Text Ideas’ to ‘Tables’ Click the ‘Bibliographic References’ tab to open it.

The list will be blank, since we haven’t added any sources yet. Press the ‘New’ button to create a new entry for our source.

The text box ‘Idea Title’ is how your reference Idea will be labelled on the Map. ‘Reference Type’ is a drop-down menu, where you select the most relevant format. After you choose the closest type, , ‘Reference Data’ will update to include the relevant fields 2.

How to Reference To discuss a book, open the Reference. Type menu and check the available options. We have several options related to books, here Hmm. Well, we’re not discussing an image, so we don’t need to select ‘Book Image’. Our copy is longer than a booklet, ruling that out, too.

We’re not going to be using the whole book – leaving us with ‘Book Section’ and ‘Book Part’ ‘Book Section’ includes the ‘Editor’ field, making it more applicable to compilation books where editors select short texts to include In this case, We’ll choose ‘Book Part’, to give us enough space and include all relevant information to find any quotes. Why Review? Check and double-check that you’ve entered the information correctly. The more information you include, the easier it will be to find again.

(And usually: the better your bibliography will be marked, too!) The process is similar for quoting or paraphrasing from e-books, as well. To review how the references appear in-text and listed, go to ‘File’ and ‘Print Preview’ Make sure you choose or customize them.

To match your education center’s required or recommended style.